Friday, December 4, 2015

Hispanic / Latino Muslims, going back to our roots


We hear of the growing numbers of Hispanics that are converting to Islam, and we might think that this religion has nothing to do with this culture but it's quite the opposite. Islam has deep roots in Spanish history, prior to Catholicism taking over and spread by force.

Whenever we hear the story of how the "New World" or "Americas" were discovered we hear about the Catholic Monarch (King Ferdinand II/Queen Isabella I) and Christopher Columbus but what was going on, in Spain as a result of this take-over? While Christopher Columbus, Spanish explorers, and other conquistadors were ravaging through the Caribbean’s, Florida, Central and South America, the Catholic Monarch had put an end to "Al-Andalus" as we know it and introduced a new religion (by FORCE), and segregation/oppression/persecution (based on religion) to this once spiritually unified land.

A medieval Muslim state were Muslim, Jew and Christian society lived together without persecution for religious beliefs or segregation, this place was considered to be the "Beacon of Learning". Prior to the invasion of the Catholic Monarch, while the rest of Europe was going through the "Dark Ages", Al-Andalus was thriving with universities, libraries and medical schools.

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