Friday, January 1, 2016

What is hijab? (Audio)

Hijab has nothing to do with being submissive to men but everything to do with being loyal to our Creator. In this message we will go over what "hijab" really means, the fact that Islam also gives men hijab and the benefits it brings. Women are NOT sex objects, eye-candy or forbidden fruit to be put out on display to tease and please men or to be measured, envied and judged by other women.
Women are valuable and powerful in our own right without having to reveal the most precious thing we possess (our bodies).

With the media showing images of women in burka or what they believe to be hijab, it is easy to wonder why any woman would choose to dress this way. The reality is, hijab is worn with the one concept (loyalty) but in different ways by different women. Hijab can benefit ALL women. Women who enjoy swimming, working out or playing sports but hate the feeling of others measuring or comparing body parts. Women who want to be respected just as men who wear lose fitted clothes that do NOT hint of what they have. Hijab is NOT frumpy or an elderly way of dress, there is a whole world of fashion/beauty and style for hijabis that can help any women of any religion.

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