Friday, December 11, 2015

Beauty Secrets : Natural Products

They say that we are what we eat. What we put ON our bodies is whats also going IN. This talk is about using natural, organic products to cleanse, moisturize as well as feed the inside of our bodies. Benefits of living healthy out weights the inconvenience and it does NOT have to be overwhelming to start.
InshaAllah we will go over some basics and alternatives while including a few benefits for each item we suggest in starting the transition. We might be surprised that MOST of the things we need to care for our bodies (inside and out) are things that we can EAT. These same items are best for cleansing our homes as well. :) Video and suggested documentaries listed at the end of list
********Skin products gone over w/benefits**********
*Black-soap - protects from premature aging, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, removes make-up
*Shea- butter - skin strengthening, UV protection, heals skin
*Baking soda (tooth paste/deodorant) - whiten teeth, removes plaque, freshens breathe, absorbs odors
*Floss - inter-dental cleaner, removes tarter
*Miswak - kills bacterias, reduces plaque and gum disease
*Olive oil - UV protection, antibacterial against skin infections
*Coconut oil - antibacterial, anti-fungal, all natural diaper cream
*Grape seed oil - tightens skin, relieves dark circles under eyes, anti-aging
*Scented oils - chemical-alcohol free
********Food products substitute**********
*Oatmeal w/honey (add fruit, cinnamon, almond milk, raisins ect.)
*Tea (Green- "morning glory") honey, cinnamon, org apple cider vinegar, fresh squeezed lemon juice
*Tea (Black - "Black-ginger") honey, cinnamon, fresh sliced ginger, chia seeds, almond milk
*Dried beans and rice. More fish and meat a few times a month (halal ONLY, no farm fish)
*NO microwaves/cans/frozen/processed foods w/more then 5 ingred
********Cleaning Home**********
*Open window/doors (at least 10-15min a day)
*Take shoes OFF/ Wash hands (change clothes immediately after school/work)
*Borax for washing tubs/showers/bathrooms/kitchens
*Washing soda with water and lemons juice for cleaning home
*Make own laundry soap (baking soda/ washing soda/ bar soap/ Borax - research for more options)
**********Informative documentaries (trailers)**********
Food Inc
Food Matters

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